What was “Macho Man” Randy Savage’s net worth upon death?


It’s rare that you find a professional wrestling fan who doesn’t know Randy Savage, ‘Macho Man’. The man has done more than enough to ensure that his contributions to the wrestling industry are unsuccessful.


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Born on November 15, 1952, Savage was introduced to the wrestling industry from an early age. Considering that his father was a renowned wrestler, it didn’t take long for him to take an active interest in the sport.

Apart from his father’s contribution, it was his mother who suggested the name ‘Macho Man’. Today, that name is widely associated with Savage.


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Tragically, the legend died in a car accident caused by a heart attack on May 20, 2011 at the age of 58. But, by that time, Randy Savage had gained huge fame and net worth. But, let’s find out exactly how much it was.

What was Randy Savage’s net worth?

When the wrestling legend passed away in 2011, his net worth was estimated at $ 8 million.

He had several sources of income. Of course, his wrestling check was a source. But, other than that, his commercials with Slim Jim and his animated characters helped him increase his overall net worth.

The tragic news of his untimely passing has overtaken the wrestling world like the darkest night of a terrible storm. No one knew how to react, but over time the pain of losing him so soon faded.

However, even today he is remembered with pride and love by his colleagues, the industry and fans.

Personal life and death

Randy Savage had a lifetime in the business.

One of the interesting facts about his personal life is when he came out and married Elizabeth Hulette in 1984. Prior to marrying her, Savage and Miss Elizabeth worked together. It was a storyline that captured the public’s attention for quite a long time. However, their love didn’t work out as well as their chemistry in the ring.

Savage and Miss Elizabeth divorced in 1992.


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Following this, Macho Man found love for the second time with Barbara Lynn Payne. They got married in May 2010 but have known each other since high school. In fact, they would have been in love with high school.

Regarding his tragic death, it was first reported that he died when the car crashed into a tree on his way to Seminole with his wife. However, this was not the case when an investigation was opened.

It was revealed that Savage and Payne wore seat belts and suffered minor physical injuries. The autopsy revealed that Savage had an enlarged heart at the time of his death.


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Finally, it was concluded that Randy Savage had suffered a heart attack while driving, which caused the car to crash into a tree.


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His ashes were placed under his favorite spot, which was a tree on his property.

Randy Savage is remembered by the wrestling world every day.

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