What is Taylor Hale’s net worth? ‘Big Brother’ season 24 star makes history as first black woman to pocket $800,000


Taylor Hale, a 27-year-old African American, is the first black woman to win season 24 of CBS’ “Big Brother.” She pocketed $750,000 for winning the show. Well, not only that, the star received an additional $50,000 for being voted by viewers as “Fan’s Favorite Pick.” Indeed, Hale won a total of $800,000. Ever since the star brought home such a large sum, fans have been wondering what exactly Hale’s net worth is. Keep reading to find out.


Hale is well known for her career as a personal stylist, model, beauty pageant host, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. Hale is originally from Motown, her parents raised her in Detroit and she later moved to Michigan. In 2021, the reality star was crowned Miss Michigan USA and Miss Congeniality. When Hale came to “Big Brother,” she admitted she didn’t have strategy as a strength, but was looking forward to playing a “hardcore game” on the reality show. Coming from the beauty industry, Hale proved that a woman has so much more to offer than beauty. Well, she seemed to have excelled at proving it.



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What is Taylor Hale’s net worth?

Hale makes most of her money from working as a professional stylist. On top of that, she has other side businesses. The reality star earns side income from brand collaborations and social media ads. According Unpack the news, Hale’s net worth is calculated at approx. $700-850,000.


Hale graduated from George Washington University. Shortly after graduating, she began a career in beauty and pageants. The star is putting her fame and money to good use by raising her voice on social issues. If you examine Hale’s social media, you’ll often see her championing social issues. Additionally, the star describes herself as “super optimistic.” When the star first went to compete for the Miss Michigan crown, she failed. However, she decided not to lose hope and went for the second time in the same year and successfully won. However, the star is too private about her personal life.


Catch up on Hale on “Big Brother” by tuning into CBS, Hulu Live TV or Paramount Plus.


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