What is Noel Radford’s net worth?


NOEL Radford may be a busy man with 22 children to care for, but that doesn’t stop him from growing the family business.

The 22 Kids And Counting star is doing what he can to support the growing family.


Noel Radford’s bakery continues to be a huge successCredit: Channel 5

What is Noel Radford’s net worth?

It’s unclear exactly how much Noel Radford is worth, but he does a lot of his time to make sure the family has a stable income.

As his main business, Noel runs and manages a pastry shop, which various family members help out with.

As the world moved online, the Radford family launched their own YouTube channel.

He currently has over 300,000 subscribers and has posted over 300 videos.

Apart from YouTube, the family also has an Instagram account where they post advertising content and branded offers.

The family has made it public that they are not claiming any benefits and all the money they have has been self-earned.

They revealed that they make money from brand partnerships on social media.

What is Noel Radford’s Pastry?

The Christmas pie shop is located near the family home in Heysham, Lancashire.

Noel has owned the patisserie since 1999 and has grown it to become the big family’s main source of income.

Called The Radford Pie Company, the family business exploded during lockdown.

The store has become so popular that in July 2021 it had to move to a larger bakery.

Due to the demand for their pies, the company has also gone online, delivering their delicious treats to the UK.

How much do Noel and Sue Radford earn with 22 Kids And Counting?

Their fly-on-the-wall documentary 15 Kids And Counting is what propelled the family to stardom.

As the family grew, the documentary continued and is now called 22 Kids And Counting.

It is unclear how much of their revenue comes from the Channel 5 show.

The documentary has followed the family since 2014, showing how the large brood lives.

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