What is Colin Furze’s Net Worth: Former Job, Famous Inventions and YouTube Career


Colin Furze is one of the UK’s top YouTubers, with over 11 million subscribers.

The inventor is among the ten most subscribed channels in the UK, excluding music channels, making him one of the most popular artists in the country.

Living in Stamford, Mr Furze is known for his amazing inventions and constructions, having regularly featured on a number of different television programs.

His videos have been viewed 1.4 billion times, including a recent video titled ‘Digging a Secret Tunnel’ which has been viewed 5.1 million times in just five days since it was uploaded.

High views on YouTube can mean a good income for the content creator, as the ads shown on their channels allow for a decent income, especially for more family-friendly content.

Here’s everything you need to know about Lincolnshire inventor and artist Colin Furze, including his estimated net worth.

Colin Furze’s old work and his best inventions

Colin dropped out of school at the age of 16 to become a plumber. He used his knowledge in this field by turning to YouTube and inventing.

One of his first inventions to catch the attention of the general public was a mobility scooter he created to reach speeds of 71 mph.

Although there is currently no world record for the fastest mobility scooter at the time of its creation, it received the award after beating a target of 61 mph set by Guinness. The scooter took him three months to build.

His first major television appearance came from this invention when he was the “mystery guest” on an episode of Russell Howard’s Good News on BBC 3. During the segment the scooter failed to run, but a video of it in action was shown instead.

In 2017, Mr Furze achieved another world record after being asked by BBC’s Top Gear to create a super-fast bumper car.

Colin restored a 1960s bumper car, adding an engine to it which gave the machine around 100 bph. The dodgem reached a top speed of over 107 mph, making it the fastest ever and earning Colin his second world record.

More recently, his latest YouTube series “digging a secret tunnel”, the 7th installment of which was released last week, has so far garnered just under 40 million views across all episodes. The series, as the title suggests, follows Colin as he builds an underground tunnel between his house, his garage and his shed.

The high views his videos get mean he is able to earn a living from his amazing inventions, but his exact net worth is something very difficult to determine.

Youtuber Colin Furze at the Maker Faire with his 100mph bumper car.

What is Colin Furze’s net worth?

This is where things get a little complicated.

The value of YouTube videos is often a hot topic, as the most popular people on the platform can earn tens of millions of pounds during their career on the website.

If we remove professional channels, such as music and TV accounts, then Colin Furze is the 10th most subscribed YouTuber in the UK, with 11.7 million subscribers.

A number of different websites try to use these numbers to try and figure out how much people are making from their YouTube videos, but there are a lot of different aspects to consider.

Ads that run on YouTube videos are what make content creators their money. But, depending on the type of content you create, you may earn more or less from these ads.

Family-friendly content, created by Colin, will earn more from ads, as more advertisers will be willing to run their campaigns on family-friendly videos.

YouTube analytics site Socialblade gives a very broad estimate that Colin Furze earns between £26.8,000 and £428.8,000 a year from his videos, but there are also things like sponsors to consider.

Colin’s recent YouTube series was sponsored by an advertiser, which means he will earn extra money from these videos.

Considering all of this, best estimates suggest he has a total net worth of well over £1million.

With many more inventions and creations to build, this number will only continue to increase.

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