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Jeffree Star is an American YouTuber, cosmetic artist, and former singer-songwriter. He is the founder and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. In 2009, Star released an album titled Beauty Killer, which includes the song “Lollipop Luxury” featuring Nicki Minaj. To promote his songs, he undertook numerous world tours. Let’s know the net worth of Jeffree Star.

Jeffree Star: Early Life, Birthplace, Early Career

Jeffree Lynn Steininger Jr. was born November 15, 1985 in Los Angeles County, California and raised in Orange County, California. He claims that he started experimenting with his mother’s cosmetics in his youth and persuaded her to allow him to wear them in school in college.

Star graduated in 2002 from Pacifica High School in Garden Grove, California. After graduating from high school, he officially changed his name to Jeffree Star and moved to Los Angeles, where he supported himself with cosmetics, modeling and music gigs.

He describes his early years when he used a fake ID to enter Hollywood nightclubs, where he was hired as a personal makeup artist by celebrities. Over time, he started networking with celebrities due to his makeup expertise. He also gained a following on social media, including MySpace, where he offered cosmetic advice and music.

With photo updates garnering tens of thousands of comments, he finally amassed one of the biggest firsts ever. My space fan base. In 2006, he had the most linked profile on MySpace. He also rose to prominence as one of MySpace’s most popular unsigned musicians. His tracks have also consistently topped independent artist lists on MySpace Music.

Jeffree Star relationship

From approximately 2015 to January 2020, Nathan Schwandt was Star’s boyfriend. Star claims to abstain from drinking alcohol while repeatedly tweeting about drinking vodka. He also states that he avoids cigarettes and heavy drugs, but smokes cannabis (which is legal in California).

Star’s current residence as of December 2020 is in Casper, Wyoming. Star and his companion were both injured following a car accident in Wyoming on April 16, 2021. He had a broken back and numerous spinal fractures.

What is Jeffree Star net worth?

According Cknowledge, Jeffree Star is a YouTuber, entrepreneur, cosmetic artist, and former singer-songwriter with a net worth of $210 million. He is an icon in the fashion industry as well as the lifestyle industry. He is both a fashion and beauty expert.

Jeffree Star net worth

Besides being one of the highest paid YouTube stars in the world, he derives the majority of his current wealth from his cosmetics company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. His bright pink hair and various tattoos made him famous.

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Jeffree Star: success stems from his career

Jeffree said in a 2018 interview with YouTuber Shane Dawson that the total annual revenue of his cosmetics empire exceeds $100 million. As the business is private this could not be confirmed, but based on Jeffree’s mansion and car collection, which we see in another Shane interview, the business is obviously doing quite well!

Jeffree Star currently has investments in marijuana, real estate, and commodities. It owns the shipping and fulfillment facility used by Jeffree Star Cosmetics and other drop shipping companies. Jeffree and Shane launched a line of liquid eyeshadows and lipsticks in 2019.

Jeffree said in an October 2019 YouTube video that they would make $35 million if the eyeshadow sold, with Shane receiving $10 million. With repeat orders, the quantity would eventually increase even more. Jeffree earned $18 million from his extensive business activities between January 1 and December 1, 2018.

That was enough to rank him as the fifth highest paid YouTuber in the world. Jeffree earned $17 million in 2019, making him the fourth highest earning YouTuber. He earned $15 million in 2020, making him the tenth highest paid YouTuber in the world.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skincare

Star established his e-commerce beauty company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, in 2014. In a five-part documentary series by Shane Dawson, Star said the termination of his singing career had left him almost bankrupt and that he had spent his last resources launching his cosmetics line. As of October 2020, Star’s YouTube channel has 17.4 million subscribers and over 2.4 billion views.

Bustle magazine called Star a “musician and former MySpace celebrity who’s gotten a makeover in the beauty class on YouTube.” Her first line of cosmetics was velvet liquid lipsticks, followed by highlighter palettes, lip scrubs, eyeshadow palettes, clothing, and accessories like mirrors and makeup bags.

On August 11, 2018, a Morphe Cosmetics store at Paramus, Westfield Garden State Plaza in New Jersey became the first East Coast location to carry the cosmetics line. Star later introduced other popular collections, including the “Blue Blood” eyeshadow palette.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ association with Morphe ended in July 2020. The split came after numerous other beauty influencers severed ties with Morphe, with some explicitly suggesting and others tacitly suggesting that they made in response to racist allegations made against Star.

Jeffree Star Car Collection

Jeffree Star net worth

Regarding Jeffree Star, there is no doubt that he is practically swimming in cash! The beauty mogul has become one of the richest people on the internet to date and, as a result, has amassed an impressive collection of cars.

Bentleys, Rolls-Royces, Lamborghinis, Mercedes G Wagons, Audis, BMWs, Teslas and McLarens. Jeffree Star also loves expensive jewelry. The celeb is shown sporting an assortment of expensive jewelry from Cartier, Versace, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Jeffree so rich?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Star earns more than $200 million every year from her YouTube channel, cosmetics business, other items and investments. After taxes and other expenses, Star earns approximately US$75 million.

How does Jeffree Star afford everything?

Jeffree claims to own about ten small businesses, one of which is a marijuana line. In 2018 he said, “I own investment properties around the world and invest in the marijuana industry.” “I own a shipping and fulfillment center, a retail business, and I print and create everything myself.

Is Jeffree still with Nate?

More than a year passed when Jeffree Star revealed on YouTube to 33 million viewers that he was breaking up with his partner of 5 years, Nathan Schwandt.


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