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A well-known Indian entrepreneur and investor, Kunal Shah is the mastermind behind CRED. This company is the second fastest growing unicorn in the country. A $2 billion valuation was expected in 2021 after this company received over $200 million in funding. To succeed in the digital sector, he had to work hard. He had to start working at a young age because his family was poor and he didn’t get what he wanted. Due to his family’s economic difficulties, he had a difficult childhood, but he persevered and is now one of India’s most successful investors.

Net worth and salary in 2022 for Kunal Shah.

As of 2021, Kunal Shah’s net worth is expected to be over $809 million. It is said to be 75 crores per month, which is an annual income of 800 crores. You can say with certainty that his exceptional vocation, which he founded on his own, bore fruit.

First years.

When his father’s pharmaceutical distribution company suffered, he claims it all started and they got into a lot of financial trouble.
As these problems increased, they caused him and his family to move into a small apartment. Like a teenager, Kunal Shah was only 15 years old.
At this point, he had no choice but to take a job to help pay his school fees and ease the financial strain on his parents.
He got a job as a data entry operator and has since been able to support himself financially. Since then, he has never looked back.
The two founders of FreeCharge, Shah and Sandeep Tandon, made their debut in the booming internet charging market in 2010. Snapdeal acquired FreeCharge in 2015, the same year it was acquired by Snapdeal. There was an estimated cost of $400 million for the same. The new CEO Shah was chosen by the company’s board of directors.

Kunal not only impacted Wishberg and Pre-burn in 2014. For example, Shah invested in Innov8, Spinny, Zepo, Unacademy, and Bharat Bazaar, among others.

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Kunal Shah’s life story and some unusual facts about him.

Payback, a startup that offers cashback promotions to organized retailers, was Kunal Shah’s first foray into the corporate world. Besides failing miserably, he also tried to establish good relationships with localized branches of national chains such as McDonnald’s, Barista Coffee, Domino’s Pizza and Croma in order to offer cashback incentives to Paise customers. However, online competitors like Coupon Duniya and smartphones thwarted his efforts.

Between the years 2000 and 2010, he was CEO of various companies. In August of that year, he started operating his own company, FreeCharge. When he started in January 2016, he worked for a seed funding startup in the United States called “Y Combinator”. Additionally, he served as the President of the Internet and Mobile Association of India. Sequoia Capital was another place where he served as an advisor.

Professional History of Kunal Shah.

In 2000, after choosing not to pursue an MBA at Narsee Institute of Management Studies, Kunal Shah began his professional career as a junior programmer at TIS International Inc.
After graduating from Wilson College, Mumbai with a Bachelor of Arts, Kunal decided to quit school. There were many obstacles on Kunal’s path to success, but he never gave up.

kunal shah net worth
When it comes to becoming an entrepreneur, Kunal strongly believes that having an MBA is not necessary.
First, Kunal Shah founded Paisa Back, a company that offers cashback promotions to established businesses.

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Honors and Achievements of Kunal Shah.

The Fortune India 40 under 40 lists were released in 2015 and 2016.
On the Economic Times 40 Under Forty list in 2016, he received the Economic Times Comeback Award for his comeback efforts.

Kunal Shah’s personal life is detailed in this section.

professional graphic designer, Bhavna Shah married Kunal Shah due to Kunal’s love of technology. With the help of Bhavna Kunal is able to increase her productivity in the workplace.
Other than that, Kunal prefers to keep her work and personal life separate. For him, privacy and secrecy are paramount, and he spares no one the details of his private life.


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