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Cher has impressed her fans since the 60s, and the singer continues to do so with her charm.

Born May 20, 1946, Cherilyn Sarkisian was destined to be a star. Its eclectic style and her signature voice are instantly recognized by the millions of fans who adore her, and she has managed to reign supreme in the music world, with decades of entertainment under her belt. His career has been filled with a series of widely publicized ups and downs, but in true form, Cher always managed to come out on top. Proving that there are no obstacles in life that she cannot overcome or work around, Cher has established a net worth of $ 360 million and has continued to entertain the masses and stay engaged with her base of. fans on social media, demonstrating that she is able to adapt to the times and ever-changing industry trends. CNBC reflects the key elements in Cher’s life that led to the tremendous success of this music icon.

The rise of Sonny and Cher

Cher came from humble beginnings and sang the tunes as a way to tap into her form of self-expression. Her passion for music came true when she teamed up with Sonny Bono. Together they formed Sonny & Cher and will become a household name for their fans still in love. Anyone who grew up in the ’70s can validate the enormity of the impact Sonny & Cher had on the music industry, and as their fan base continued to grow, so did their portfolios. Sonny & Cher produced in quick succession and quickly became the “computer couple” that the media and fans just couldn’t get enough of.

They have raked in millions of dollars with hits such as; I got you baby all I need is you and Baby don’t go. Cher had reached the top. She had it all … before she lost it all.

CNBC reports that “between 1965 and 1972, the couple recorded nearly a dozen Billboard Top 40 hits. Around the same time, TSonny & Cher comedy time was one of the most popular TV shows in America.

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Lose it all and accumulate debts

Sonny and Cher quickly went through difficult times as a couple, ultimately making the decision to divorce. Unfortunately for Cher, Sonny cleaned up their fortune on the way out. According to The Guardian, Cher says Sonny walked away with 95% of Cher’s money when their relationship fell apart, leaving Cher financially unstable. She would soon be in serious debt, owed the government $ 278,000, and would struggle to find ways to pay for the most basic essentials in life.

Cher went on to say, “We worked side by side for 11 years and I ended up with nothing.”

The road to recovery

The road to recovery was not easy for Cher, but luckily she had already become infamous for her bold looks and unique voice. She quickly used her modeling skills to make ends meet with immediate cash and continued to generate income as a solo artist.

Cher soon discovered that she had a very loyal fan base who absolutely adored him and would be there to invest their hard earned money in his music. She put her heart and soul into creating new music and was soon going to rise to the top for dominate the charts and leave the past far behind.

At the end of the 70s, Cher started his music. She has recorded new songs and has also performed acting roles in plays as well as on the big screen, with a variety of movie roles. Cher earned her first Oscar nomination in 1984 for Best Supporting Actress Silk wood. Four years later, she won the award for best actress for her performance in Dreamer.

His talents were diverse and his income skyrocketed.

The path to success

The road to success was officially mapped out. Cher’s iconic status as a legend in the music world had already been defined, with a string of globally recognized hits and albums that saw widespread commercial release.

The accolades she has achieved in her lifetime are really too numerous to list.

Among his most notable sources of income were his time in las vegas for her residency, which ran from 1980 to 1982. Every show released sold out almost immediately, as Cher’s star continued to shine.

Nicki swift indicates that his residence has earned him “$ 300,000 per week, a preview of what was to come. In 2018, by The Guardian, she admitted that she was making around $ 60 million a year for her residency. “

Cher continued to diversify her income and quickly added a food and health component to her financial portfolio. She has sold over $ 10 million in diet and health products over the years and continues to generate substantial income through television appearances, accommodation opportunities and, of course, through residual payments for his music which continue to be deposited into his account after spending decades in the industry.

She is known by her first name and does not need a formal introduction. Cher is a true icon who currently holds $ 360 million, which is expected to continue to grow as the tenacious 75-year-old star shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

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Sources: CNBC, Nicki Swift, The Guardian

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