Simon Jordan Net Worth: How Rich Is The Businessman?



Without a doubt, a self-made man, Simeon Jordan, the famous 53-year-old English businessman, is in a league of its own. Needless to say, Jordan has his hand in a plethora of businesses, whether it’s film production, magazines, television and radio, or even the sports industry. His love for football is undoubtedly hereditary, as Jordan’s father was a professional footballer for a club called Crystal Palace who play at the highest level of the game that can be played, the Premier Football League. What’s interesting is that Jordan owned Crystal Palace for a while along with many other departments and businesses and used it to build up his wealth. Now let’s take a look at Simon Jordan’s net worth.

Jordan himself was a footballer, poised to play both for Chelsea and his father’s former team as he attended Purley High School for Boys, Old Coulsdon, but he reportedly said even if he was good at the game, he “wasn’t mentally interested” in it enough to make it a living. Enter to learn more about Simon Jordan’s net worth.

It was after this decision that Jordan raced to become the one we know today. In the late ’80s or early’ 90s, James Wright, a friend of Jordan’s friends, invited him to partner with him to sell cell phones by advertising them on Loot and Exchange and Mart, for example. through a company called “Wright Connections”. The duo’s attempt lasted for a short period of time, having to change the name to Corporate Cellular Ltd, but that business also failed and Jordan left the company in the 1990s. Without further ado, tell us more about Jordan’s assets and find out Simon Jordan net worth.

Simon jordan

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Simon Jordan net worth

The business sparked his interest because in 1994, along with another friend of his, Andrew Briggs, he started his own retail business, the Pocket Phone Shop, for cell phones in Slough. The company attracted a service provider called Astec, with whom they entered into a deal leading to the completion of the business. Simon Jordan net worth is £ 11million in 2021.

The business flourished with more than 200 stores across the country to compete for leaders in its industry, and the duo in their prime enlisted Ulrika Jonsson, the British TV presenter and model, to promote their stores, but the two left the company in 2000 selling it to One2One for allegedly £ 73million, with its cut of £ 36.5million. The same year Jordan bought Crystal Palace, naming himself president, Jordan became the youngest president in the history of the Football League, which then recorded heavy losses by declaring: “I was ready to invest. my money in something that I really believe in. “and vowed to promote the club to the Premiership for the next 5 years and rightly kept their word, but in 2008, after a Football Association feud, he called the panel a” panel of idiots ” and moved away from football for good.

Business spirit

Having a brain for business didn’t stop Jordan from exploring his other interests, in 2005 he was writing a column for The Observer, which appeared every fortnight. Although his writing was controversial, he continued until 2007 until he resigned, but later in 2020 he started writing for The Sun in his very column of “The Great Opinion of Simon Jordan. “.

He made a television appearance in Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway alongside other millionaires like Ann Summers CEO Jacqueline Gold, Scottish entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne, MP turned novelist Jeffrey Archer and founder of the MOBO Awards, Kanya King.

Jordan also produced and financed a BBC film version of Sweeny Todd in 2006 and also produced and financed only another film called Telstar starring Kevin Spacey, James Corden and JJ Field which generated good income and a good response from the audience and critics.

Simon Jordan net worth
Simon jordan

Career Achievements

He is also the author of an autobiography, Be Careful What You Wish For, which chronicles his industrial success in the mobile phone business as well as his struggles as president of the football club. success and was even honored at the British Sports Books Awards.

Amidst these achievements, Jordan’s spendthrift nature is not unheard of. Having invested most of their money in hobbies and entertainment, many wonder if this was a bad idea from the start. In 2020, Jordan claimed in an interview with The Sun that he bought an ultra-rare Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren from the billionaire ruler, the Sultan of Brunei, for the whopping sum of £ 372,000.

At present, it is assumed that Jordan has a net worth of £ 11million, including all of his assets. A lot of those familiar with his success story often wonder when Jordan is going to bounce back, but the secrets remain under wraps, and no one knows the real net worth of all of his properties, and it looks like Simeon Jordan wants it to be.

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