Richard Rawlings Net Worth 2022 – Gas Monkey Garage Owner


Fast N’ Loud was a hit Discovery reality series that thrust automaker and businessman Richard Rawlings into the limelight. He owns the Gas Monkey Garage and its concert halls and restaurants. He is also a road rally veteran who has become a NASCAR staple. As of 2022, Richard Rawlings has a net worth of $18 million.

Early life

Richard was born March 30, 1969 and grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. His father was a car enthusiast who took him to many car shows as a child.

This inspired Richard to become a car enthusiast himself as he helped his father build cars at a young age. At 14, he was able to buy his first car, a 1974 Mercury Comet.

He had already acquired and sold several cars by the age of 16 and could legally drive. Richard was a student at Eastern Hills High School and graduated in 1987.

Early career

Although he was very passionate about cars, it was not his first business venture. He was a policeman, firefighter and paramedic before becoming an entrepreneur. In 1999 he started a printing company called Lincoln Press.

Rawlings sold his first business in 2002 to start Gas Monkey Garage, an auto shop. He started building cars for customers around the world and is now a world famous hot rod shop.

Besides being a mechanic, he was also a road rally competitor. In 2007, he held the world record for the shortest time to complete the Cannonball Run. He also won the Bullrun and the Gumball 3000.

Reality show

Richard and his Gas Monkey Garage became the center of the Fast N’ Loud reality series. The show began airing on the Discovery Channel in 2012. It was so successful that it was able to launch two spin-off series.

The series also helped Rawlings start other projects. He had the chance to work with several NASCAR drivers. In 2015, he wrote his autobiography, Fast N’ Loud: Blood, Sweat and Beers.

The entrepreneur also launched Gas Monkey Live and Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill. In 2019, he developed a line of energy drinks to further expand his empire. However, her reality show ended the following year.

Net worth and earnings

Reports claim that Rawlings was making $50,000 to $75,000 per episode when Fast N’ Loud was still airing. But even when that ended, Richard still has a substantial source of income. His Gas Monkey garage Company is slowly turning into a massive franchise.

As CEO of the company, the Texas native is constantly taking steps to grow the business. He has earned a large fortune from his business endeavors and he earns extra income as a road rally professional and author. This is why his net worth is around $18 million.

Private life

Richard Rawlings married Karen Grames in 1993, but they divorced after a year. He married Suzanne Marie Mergele in 1999, but they divorced in 2009.

Richard and Suzanne remarried in 2015, but sadly separated again in 2019. Today, it appears he is solely focused on his collection of cars and estates in Texas, which includes a Dodge Challenger, a Shelby Mustang and a Pontiac Firebird.


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