Nomad Capitalist Net Worth – How Wealthy is the Offshore Tax Consultant?


Living wherever you want in the world without any ties to a single country is a concept promoted by the Nomad Capitalist. He owns a renowned consulting firm that helps his clients, mostly entrepreneurs, achieve global citizenship and offshore tax planning to maximize wealth and freedom. As of 2022, the Nomad Capitalist has an estimated net worth of $4 million.


The content creator’s real name is Andrew Henderson. Other than that, not much is known about his private life. He does not openly discuss these topics in his blogs or YouTube videos.

However, it is known that Henderson went to Arizona State University to pursue higher education. He decided to drop out to pursue a full-time career as an entrepreneur.

His first business activity instantly became a success, and it brought him a lot of money. At 22, Andrew was very successful, but he didn’t like the government taxes that followed him every time.

Create a wandering capitalist

Andrew loved to travel, and he did it more often when his startup gained traction. His business became a passive source of income and he was able to travel outside the United States for six months. Even so, he still paid 43% in taxes despite spending a lot of time outside of the United States.

He planned to invest his money in other businesses. Most of them were also successful, but that didn’t help Henderson reduce the amount of tax he had to pay each year. So he started traveling again and looked for countries with favorable tax laws that he could legally take advantage of.

Henderson set up offshore companies, set up foreign bank accounts, obtained various second passports, and purchased properties in numerous countries. After 12 years of experimenting with offshore strategies, Andrew launched boutique advisory firm Nomad Capitalist in 2012.

His business has grown rapidly over the past few years, he now has over 40 employees and is based in Dubai according to LinkedIn. Unsurprisingly, his services are expensive and he only works with those who make at least six figures!

Nomad Capitalist charges a $25,000 fee to clients earning at least $500,000 per year. To work exclusively with Mr. Henderson directly, you will need a net worth of at least $20 million and pay a fee of $75,000.

Online career

His brand went live, creating a website and YouTube channel. He started advising other wealthy entrepreneurs and investors on similar issues he was having when starting out.

The website is the primary means of doing business with Henderson. It also offers free information for future entrepreneurs who want to reduce their taxes and travel. It includes The Nomad Passport Index, which lists the best passports to have each year.

He also sells his 2018 book, Nomad Capitalist, on his website. As for his YouTube channel, it started actively uploading videos in 2013. During this time, he discovered that Slovakia was the cheapest and safest country to live in. It currently has 501,000 subscribers, a milestone for a fairly specialized channel.

Net worth and earnings

Andrew currently has four passports and is working on his fifth. With these passports, he became a serial businessman with established businesses globally. He was also able to invest in various real estate properties in around thirty countries.

He has yet to disclose earnings from his international activities, but he reports that he earns between $7,800 and $124,600 every year through his YouTube channel. There are also his book sales which add to his fortune of 4 million dollars.

Private life

On occasion, Andrew talks about marriage in relation to his theme of citizenship. However, it is not known if the accomplished entrepreneur is single, in a relationship or married.


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