Net worth of Google CEO Sundar Pichai


Indian-born American businessman Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, has an estimated net worth of nearly $1,310 million (1.31 billion), or about Rs. 10,215 crore in 2022. Moreover, Sundar Pichai net worth is increasing year by year.

Sundar Pichai is the mastermind behind every question we ask Google or the search we search for on Google.

Mr. Pichai gets an annual income of around $242 million or INR 1880 crore. Along with these huge revenues, also comes a huge responsibility to society. Under the leadership of Mr. Pichai, Google collects donations for several educational institutes, funds for various small technical companies and supports the transition to a digital age.

Additionally, Sundar Pichai owns over 3,000 Alphabet Inc shares worth over $177,596,126 and over the past 6 years he has sold Google shares worth over $978,292,670. On top of all that, he earns $280,622,016 as CEO and Director at Alphabet Inc.

Sundar Pichai has won a $242 million (Rs 1,880 crore) package after taking over as CEO of Alphabet. With that, it includes a base salary of $2 million (Rs 15 crore) and $240 million (Rs 1,865 crore) in annual share.

Pichai’s new salary package was applicable from January 1, 2020. However, out of $240 million, the stock award of $120 million will be received in quarterly installments. The rest of the annual performance will be based, that is, if all the targets are met by Pichai, the shares will be available in three years.

Some highlights and milestones of Sundar Pichai’s career and wealth:

  • Pichai’s base salary increased by 200% to Rs 15 crore from 4.6 crore in 2018
  • The shares will be available in three years; some will be decided based on the performance of the stock under Pichai’s leadership
  • Indian-born Pichai became CEO of Google in 2015, also CEO of parent company Alphabet.

Subsequently, Pichai bought a luxurious house in 2013, the value of the house is estimated at around 2.9 million USD. Mr. Pichai also owns several real estate properties in India.

Pichai is also very fond of cars, he has a good collection of luxury cars around the world. Some of them include Porsche, BMW, Range Rover and Mercedes Benz. In addition, his personal investment is estimated at around 572.5 million USD.


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