Mark Moss Net Worth 2022: How wealthy is the entrepreneur?


Mark Moss is a professional investor and startup expert who shares his knowledge on his personal YouTube channel. He founded and developed a total of six companies. Moss has also created a podcast and a number of online tools to help businesses succeed. As of 2022, Mark Moss has an estimated net worth of $14 million.


Moss is from Orange County, California. However, there is no information about his early life, family or educational background.

He started investing in internet companies in the 1990s during the dotcom bubble. In 1995, he purchased real estate seized from banks. He thought it was the perfect time to buy as the stock market was just recovering from a crash.

However, he was not aiming for a career in finance at that time. In 1997, he founded True Service Dental, Inc. It was a technical equipment repair company focused on dental care. In 2001, he launched his first online activity.

Finance career

In 2005, Mark Moss decided to work for companies focused on financial services. He became executive director of Capistrano Beach Funding Corporation, a short-term lender to small and medium-sized businesses.

In 2007, he was hired as Vice President of Strategy and Development for Strategic Alliance Media. He left Capistrano Beach Funding Corporation in 2008 to become CEO of Integrated Support Systems.

This provided marketing and administrative assistance to financial services companies. In 2013, he launched startup development company Click Media Group and became its CEO.

Online businesses

With considerable experience under his belt, Moss planned to teach others his expertise. To reach a wider audience, he went online. In 2017 he joined YouTube and co-founded Signal Profits to educate others about trading and investing.

The same year, he launched Market Disruptors, a platform for aspiring real estate agents, and launched a podcast. He also has a website,, which offers online tools for those looking to build wealth.

As a content creator, Mark Moss makes educational videos about money and the economy in general. Her account has steadily grown in popularity and currently has over 345,000 followers.

Net worth and earnings

Mark earns around $500 a month with Youtube advertising revenue. However, this is far from his main source of income. Most of his wealth comes from the six companies he helped grow to seven figures. He gets extra income as a podcaster and appears on other podcasts to build his brand.

He has appeared on shows like The Rich Dad Podcast and The Investor’s Podcast Network. Because he believes Bitcoin is the key to financial freedom, it’s safe to assume that he has invested a considerable amount of money in crypto. With this, his net worth is estimated to be around $14 million.

Private life

The YouTuber isn’t very open about his personal life. It is not known whether he is single or married. However, in 2020 he revealed that he planned to leave California and move to a location in Puerto Rico.


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