Loserfruit net worth 2022: How much is the streamer worth?


Loserfruit is one of the most influential and popular streamers in the world, but what is the net worth of the Twitch gamer and streamer?

With her substantial following on social media and streaming sites, she is able to command and influence much of the gaming and streaming community.

As one of the biggest names in streaming, especially Fortnite, it’s no wonder she has a net worth in the millions of US dollars.

Here’s everything you need to know about Loserfruit and his net worth in 2022.

Loserfruit net worth

According to sportskeeda, Loserfruit’s net worth is currently estimated at US$2-3million. This estimate is based on his career in content creation and other endorsement deals.

Loserfruit is extremely active on Twitch, where it receives revenue based on donations, ads, sponsored offers, and sponsored streams.

Currently, Loserfruit only streams on Twitch, as it has a partnership deal with the massive streaming platform.

However, she remains active on other social networks, posting quite regularly on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Loserfruit uses Youtube, but only to post clips and excerpts from its Twitch video-on-demand streams.

Loserfruit Earnings

The Australian content creator has a number of different avenues from which she derives her substantial income.

As one of the greatest fortnite community content creators, his YouTube channel would have earns an average of US$72,000 per year.

Loserfruit’s Twitch channel brings in about US$51,000 a year, which adds to his overall income.

It is believed that through streaming sites, Loserfruit earns around US$120,000 per year.

In addition to revenue from its streaming platform, Loserfruit has also partnered with Elf cosmetics and has an official Fornite skin in its in-game likeness.



Loserfruit has been endorsed by a number of companies for their extremely successful content streams.

Some of the companies/games that have sponsored the Australian streamer include Electronic Arts (for The Sims 4), Just Dance, Just Die Deja, Apex Legends, Secret Lab, Corsair, Call of Duty and Two Point Hospital.

Currently, Loserfruit is streaming the following games on it Tic channel as well as participating in Just Chatting videos:

  • fortnite
  • Check-in room
  • Needy streamer overdose
  • Unpacking
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction

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