Lee Rosbach Net Worth 2022: How wealthy is the captain below deck?


Riding the wind and crossing the seas can be a lucrative career. Luxury yacht captain Lee Rosbach is proof of that. His profession has led him to become perhaps Bravo’s Under Deck’s friendliest television personality. The show has become a huge hit and fans are curious about Lee’s finances. As of 2022, Lee Rosbach has a net worth of $1 million.


On November 15, 1949, Rosbach was born in Michigan, USA. At birth, he was diagnosed with a condition called atrial fibrillation, also known as atrial fibrillationwhich causes irregular heartbeats.

Lee was basically raised on boats and moved to Florida when he was 25 to live in a warmer climate. Before becoming a yacht skipper, he worked in the catering industry.

Lee revealed that he owns 10 restaurants in Florida, Indiana, Georgia and the Turks and Caicos Islands. While running his restaurants in the Turks and Caicos Islands of the Caribbean, he rediscovered his love for the sea.

Yachting career

To supplement his income, a friend invited him to work as a second on a sailboat delivery. So his journey began and at age 35, Lee Rosbach became a chartered yacht captain.

Lee does not own a yacht and has to rent them from owners because it is expensive to buy them. Over the past two decades he has captained more than a dozen superyachts. Due to his experience, Lee has always had full control of his ships and the crew members have great respect for him.

The crew members nicknamed it the “Stud of the Sea”. As he was hired as the captain of a yacht named Honor, the famous captain also became a reality TV star.

Media career

When Under Deck began airing in 2013, the Michigan native became a main character and fan favorite on the Bravo Network. From season one, he was known for always making sure everything went according to plan.

The show was eventually extended to nine seasons, and Lee remains a main cast member. He managed all five superyachts in the series. In season nine, he was briefly replaced as captain by Sean Meagher due to his AFib heart condition.

Along with becoming a television personality, Rosbach dabbled in writing. In 2018 he released his memoir, Running Against the Tide and he also opened an online store where his fans can buy his merchandise.

Net worth and earnings

According World boat, Lee earns around $210,000 a year as a yacht captain. He also receives a share of the tip and said his biggest tip was $35,000.

There’s also her additional income from book sales, merchandise sales, and sponsored social media posts. His earnings as a cast member on Below Deck have yet to be disclosed, but it’s enough to bring his net worth up to $1 million.

Private life

Captain Lee Rosbach has a wife named Marry Anne, and they have been together for nearly five decades. The couple first met as crew members, and now they are blessed with five children: a girl and four boys. Sadly, his son Joshua passed away in 2019. Their family resides in Florida, USA.


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