Jessica Sepel, Kayla Itsines and Emily Skye Anderson’s Net Worth Revealed


A popular Instagram account that follows Australian influencers has spilled the tea on who rakes in the most dough.

The account, AU Influencer Updateswas hosting a Q&A session when the woman behind the account was asked to share her insider knowledge on which Australian influencers are making the most money – and how much it can pay to be a popular personality.

“How [much] do you think ‘well known’ influencers earn per year?” asked one follower.

“A high-profile Australian influencer (one of my highlight names) recently released details of her tax return which made it clear to me that she had personal taxable income of over $400,000. “, she replied, also explaining that she had a day job. as an accountant.

Who could this influencer be? Well, another follower asked him to share his thoughts on which influencers are making the most of it, and we got a list of the top six.

“Who do you think are the 3 richest Australian influencers? asked the follower.

In response, she directed fans to a post she made on TikTok late last year, digging into Australian Financial Reviewit is rich list and extracting influencers who made the list, along with receipts of their net worth.

The responses come as no surprise, given that the six women (yeah, ladies) topping the list of Australian influencers all run very successful businesses.

Number one is the woman behind vitamin brand JSHealth, Jessica Sepel. Despite a bit of controversy over an alleged brand copycat, the influencer still seems to be doing just fine with a net worth of $426 million.

Next up is one of the biggest names in fitness and a true angel (from this interaction I had with her), Kayla Itsines. Thanks to his fitness programs and the Sweat app, his net worth stands at $164 million.

In third place is a woman who has combined fitness and beauty with great success, Emily Skye Anderson. Between her James Cosmetics line and fitness app Emily, her net worth is $95 million.

Natasha Oakley finished fourth, thanks to her popular brand Monday Swimwear. She also has an app — The Pilates Class — and the two combined give her a net worth of $63 million.

Another fitness guru, Tammy Hembrow, was next on the list with a net worth of $38 million thanks to her Tammy Fit app and Saski Collection fitness line.

Rounding out the top six, Stephanie Miller went from being a model and IG influencer to co-founder of popular health and fitness app, Keep It Cleaner. His net worth is around 36 million.

Apparently, it pays to be a woman in the world of health and fitness, and we love to see it.


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