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Well, here’s a blast from the past, folks. When was the last time you read a story about Will Ferrell? It’s been a while, but that doesn’t mean Ferrell has become irrelevant. The comic has been a favorite of many for years, and the lack of decent comedy films over the past decade has meant that fans are very much inspired by the same Ferrell when they want to have some fun at home.

However, Ferrell’s lack of the mainstream of comedy makes people wonder where their favorite comedic actor is hiding. When will the public have the next Half brothers from the early 2020s? Perhaps a Ferrell revival is on the way, as this week fans got wind that Will Ferrell will be boosting his net worth with a starring role in a new series. So what’s the story? Here is what we found.


Hollywood journalist dropped a story on Thursday to let audiences know they would soon see the presenter himself on screen again. It seems centuries have passed since Will Ferrell came to slam our knees in new viral content. Moreover, we are not the only ones to feel this.

Reports say Ferrell seemed a bit confident before his interview, telling reporters he was “rusty” even before the interviewer’s tape recorder started working. However, Ferrell revealed that his stardom hadn’t wavered, even when he was out of the limelight.

Ferrell is quoted as saying, “We feel like we’re constantly letting people down. . . People come to me all the time, like ‘Oh my god it’s you! Do something funny! ‘ and I don’t know what I’m supposed to say. However, Ferrell insists on the importance of pure comedy during these (do not say it) strange and uncertain times.

Arrow shooting in my head

Ferrell points out in his interview how many in the comic book world publish content with a message behind it, directly or indirectly connecting work to struggles arising from the current social and political climate.

In today’s environment, work like Bo Burnham’s Inside comes to mind. Ferrell compares the comedy trend after the tense decade of the ’60s.

Ferrell is quoted as saying, “There’s so much going on in the world, and sometimes it’s nice to cut your brain off.” . . In the wake of the controversial 1960s, Steve [Martin] was like, ‘Everybody’s doing message comedy, and I just wanna go out with an arrow going through my head’, and that’s kind of how I feel right now.

Will Ferrell may have a lot to say about the type of comedy he’s interested in these days, but comedy isn’t the only aspect of Ferrell’s professional life. Moreover, his comedy is not the only source of income to increase his net worth.

Actor & producer

Reports indicate that Will Ferrell is working in the moonlight as a major producer. His credits range from HBO scammers at Comedy Central Drunk History.

We felt like Will Ferrell was busy, even without seeing him on our large or small scale screens for the past few years. With Will Ferrell’s lengthy filmography for acting and production, fans are wondering what the comic’s net worth is and if his absence from the lead roles has anything to do with his financial situation. So what is Will Ferrell’s net worth, anyway?

Celebrity Net Worth lists Will Ferrell’s net worth at $ 160 million. It looks like Will Ferrell certainly doesn’t need to take on any new projects just to increase his net worth. In fact, between the actor’s massive roles and his long production credits, we’re sure the comedian is doing very well.

Anyway, Will, we’re delighted to see you back on the small screen in your new show. The narrowing next door. The Apple TV + series is released on November 12.

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