Dominica becomes an obvious choice for wealthy investors

Dominica becomes an obvious choice for wealthy investors

Dominica: The citizenship by investment program is gaining popularity among foreign investors and they believe that an applicant always expects the results of their decision to be productive. The majority of investors want the destination country to be peaceful and developed so that they and their families can have a good life.

Investors, finding avenues for alternative citizenship, also expect the country they are investing in to be politically stable and the government to be proactive in taking the nation to new heights in terms of development.

Indeed, developed countries are overpopulated and the demands of their citizens, such as affordable housing, health care and education, are not met by them. Due to the high inflation rate, the cost of living has also become higher, and if someone wants to buy a spacious property, he will have to invest millions of dollars. But there will be no guarantee that even after spending large sums of money they will get a peaceful life.

On the other hand, in search of a better life, one can experience the Citizenship by Investment program, which offers alternative citizenship. The Economic Citizenship Program helps countries generate income and also supports investors who are always looking for good investment options.

Apart from this, the candidate(s) can live in a pollution-free, less cluttered environment and can participate in the development of this country. Planning to invest in economic citizenship, the first choice for many investors is the Commonwealth of Dominica.

It is a worldwide truth that Mother Nature always provides ways for those who seek a peaceful natural environment to spend the precious moments of their lives in the lap of nature. Many beautiful islands and countries are surrounded by magnificent forests, beaches and rivers where people find a peaceful ambience of the beauty of nature. This is the Nature Island of the Caribbean – Dominica, where you can obtain the best citizenship in the world by an investment program under the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) or the real estate option.

Citizenship through the Economic Diversification Fund (FED)

Dominica’s citizenship-by-investment program is ranked among the best in the world by the Financial Times’ PWM magazine’s CBI Index. In Dominica, investors can receive alternative citizenship by donating US$100,000 to its Economic Diversification Fund, also known as FED. This program was designed to help investors who are looking for better investment plans. It also helps those who come forward to donate for national development, putting their efforts to provide a better life for their citizens affected by natural disasters. EDF is a government initiative that supports the development of the country.

While Dominica has faced many natural disasters, rather than remaining silent, the government has taken many initiatives to provide better housing options, specialized hospitals and well-equipped health centers, modern schools, attractive tourist places, etc. To turn their promises into reality, the government of Dominica introduced this fund which supports its citizenship by investment program.

By contributing to this economic fund option, investors can gain safe, secure and versatile citizenship in Dominica. This is the best route to obtain the alternative citizenship of Dominica, which will offer a chance to live a good life in the heart of the Caribbean islands, where investors will have a large number of chances to start their own business in hospitality and may also be a part of Dominica’s growing agricultural sector. Besides these benefits, many may also consider investing in the emerging real estate sector which enhances Dominica’s beauty and business values.

The world is well known for the recent Hurricane Maria natural disaster that hit the Caribbean Islands in 2017 and affected many lives destroying over thousands of houses etc. Therefore, to support local communities and build hurricane-resistant homes, the Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit took a revolutionary step by creating the Housing Revolution program.

With the help of this program, the government will be able to provide safe and secure homes that can remain secure even in adverse weather conditions. It’s a tough step to rebuild communities and provide a better life from the ground up, but only a few countries and their governments are making these kinds of inspiring decisions, and Dominica is one of them.

The capital that will be generated from this EDF fund will be used only for the development of the country. It will help to develop new schools and houses following a modern architectural approach so that in the event of natural disasters they can remain safe, sports complexes and modern hospitals to provide good health facilities and education to communities local and foreign, and many Suite.

What are the minimum requirements for the Economic Diversification Fund?

Dominica invites all citizens around the world to contribute to its development through its Economic Diversification Fund option. And in return, the contributor or investor receives citizenship of this nature-blessed Caribbean island.

It is mandatory for investors to go through a due diligence process to obtain alternative citizenship. An internationally renowned verification company performs multi-layered checks on each candidate to ensure the complete safety and security of the program. This also includes field checks, financial documents such as proof of income and 10 years of financial history, source of funds, etc.

The amount required for the citizenship process through EDF will vary depending on the number of dependents mentioned in the application as investors can add their dependents like family members including spouses, children, parents , grandparents and siblings, etc. The details of the funds required for the EDF contribution are as follows:
• For a single applicant, 100,000 USD.
• If a spouse or sibling (aged 18-25) is added as an additional dependent, $50,000 will be added as an additional cost.
• If another dependent, other than the spouse or sibling of the principal applicant aged 18 to 25, is added; the cost will be an additional USD 25,000 each.
• If you are applying for four family members, which include the principal applicant, your spouse, and other dependents other than a dependent sibling, then you will be required to contribute USD 175,000 through the EDF option.

By paying the above funds to the Government of Dominica EDFthe investor will be eligible to obtain citizenship for himself and his family for a better future in the bosom of the island of nature.


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