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Lizzo exploded onto the entertainment scene in the mid-2010s with a stellar list of releases, including 2015’s “My Skin” and 2016’s “Good as Hell.”

The following years saw Lizzo rise to mainstream popularity, particularly following the release of her third studio album, Because I love you. The album’s lead single, “Juice,” sparked interest in the burgeoning artist, and “Truth Hurts” cemented her as a mainstay in the music scene.

Lizzo has since amassed a huge following and continues to crank out regular firecrackers on a yearly basis. At only 33 years old, Lizzo has already created an enviable career. Her fan base reveres her, her music is featured in movies and TV shows, and her career is still booming.

The basics – Lizzo’s age, height and early career

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Most Lizzo fans are well aware that the singer is still in her early 30s, but there might be a few details that even ardent fans missed.

Music has always been a big part of Lizzo’s life. The 33-year-old, whose full name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson, has a passion for the flute that dates back to her childhood, when she was trained as a classical flutist. Alongside her training as a flautist, Lizzo discovered a passion for rap, which she gradually developed during her teenage years.

These days, Lizzo is known for everything from her ability to rap to her incorporation of a range of musical styles, from soul to funk-pop. His career really took off after several years of successful – but little heard – releases, which included some of his best tunes. Her star has since rocketed skyward, allowing Lizzo access to many more opportunities and a much larger fan base.

The 33-year-old star is also known as a body positivity icon and is one of the leading figures in the body positivity movement. After a years-long struggle with body image, Lizzo is now one of the movement’s most important figureheads. Standing at around 5’10″, Lizzo is also a fashion icon, often seen sporting a range of daring and stunning outfits.

romantic life

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Lizzo’s romantic life rarely takes center stage in the young artist’s world. All of the adventures she’s enjoyed have remained largely out of the spotlight, with the focus instead almost exclusively on Lizzo herself.

Known as a preeminent LGBTQIA+ supporter and activist, Lizzo has been vocal about her opinion on sexuality. In a 2018 interview with teen vogue, she noted that, “When it comes to sexuality or gender, personally, I don’t attribute just one thing.” While she has since called herself straight, Lizzo is adamant that she is more than “one thing”.

“That’s why the colors for LGBTQ+ are a rainbow,” she said. “Because there’s a spectrum and right now we’re trying to keep it black and white. It just doesn’t work for me.

Although Lizzo doesn’t boast of any high-profile relationships, her focus on work does wonders for the young artist’s career. She appears to be thriving, a fact that is only cemented by her high net worth.

by Lizzo net value

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Less than a third in a century on this earth, Lizzo already boasts a net worth of over $12 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. His stellar music releases drive the bulk of his income — especially smash hits like “Truth Hurts” and “Good as Hell” — but they’re not the only factor behind his wealth. Lizzo.

A small portion of her income also comes from several acting roles that Lizzo has enjoyed over the years. She has appeared in several movies and TV releases, including in 2019 Hustlers and 2016 Wonderland. Her huge success will only make her a more tantalizing addition to future films, which will likely see Lizzo’s shining star soar even higher.


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