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According to a financial statement, you can foresee the real estate, If you have to buy credit for the missing purchase price when making a purchase, so-called pre-qualification can ease our situation.

The real estate buyer has a certificate, a loan promise, that he / she will definitely get the loan from the issuing bank.

This solution simplifies the purchase of real estate, as the bank already pre-runs the necessary documents and data on your system, so you know for sure that within a certain period of time (3-6 months), you can promise a loan to the buyer.

Few people take advantage of this great opportunity!


Let’s face it:

“Pre-qualification means that you go to the bank and find out the creditworthiness of those involved before finding a home to buy. He asks for the necessary income documents and then certifies the maximum amount of credit he can provide in a given period of time. ”

The other is an under-utilized option


The second part of the Communication deals with loan redemption, which is also demanded by few, although many clients are affected.

The home loan we borrowed 5 years ago has an average interest rate of 11-23%, but this year it is only 5% interest rate.

According to a financial expert, borrowers are still not paying sufficient attention to changes in interest rates, and
they do not avail themselves of the opportunity offered by a declining interest rate environment to pay off loans, which would have to pay significantly less.

By the end of 2017, the average interest rate had fallen to around 5%. Considering a $ 8 million loan taken over 20 years, that makes a huge difference. At that time, we were counting on the $ 81,000 monthly repayment, currently it could be $ 50,000.

According to the loan expert


When choosing a loan, we can choose from several options for fixed-term mortgages, as these are the most secure, predictable loans, because if interest rates rise in the meantime, our monthly expenses will not increase.

As with home loan repayment, as with home borrowing, the offers of as many banks as possible should be examined, as differences may be significant. 10-25 thousand HUF can be a bad design choice every month!

With a 10-year home loan with a fixed repayment period of 10 years with a 10-year mortgage loan, as a result of our bad decision, the repayment installment may reach 125,000 HUF / month instead of 100,000 HUF.

If you are interested in home loans, CSOKs, consumer-friendly loans, or even loan replacement options, consult our credit brokerage experts for free professional mortgage information! Fill out the form and we’ll call you back!